Dr. Heinz Leger
author, director, producer
• 1961 born in the province of Styria, Austria

• 1981 – 1989 Studies in Communications, Journalism and Political Sciences at the University of Salzburg
• 1989 PhD in Journalism at the Paris-Lodron University

Professional Career
• 1990 freelance producer for the Austrian Broadcasting Corp. ORF, at the department of education and science
• 1994 to 1999 assistant commissoning editor UNIVERSUM, ORF Natural History Unit
• since 2000 producer, scriptwriter and director

• More than 300 news and feature films
• 1993 documentary “Angkor Wat – Wonder in the Jungle”

Prime time TV documentaries:
2000 “The Valley at the Border”
2000 “The future of the African Elephant”
2000 “The future of the Great Apes”
2001 “The future of the Wales”
2001 “The future of the Tiger”
2001 “The future of the Rhino”
2002 “The oldest zoo in the world”
2002 “The future of the Bears”
2002 “The future of the Mongolian Horse”
2003 “The future of the Crocodiles”
2003 “The future of the Birds of Prey”
2004 “The future of the Sharks”
2004 ”Genghis Khan Rider of the Apocalypse“
2004 “The future of Endangered Species”
2006 10 part doku-soap on the „Vienna Zoo“
2006 “Wild Mongolia“
2007 UNIVERSUM „Pandababy – Sensation in Schönbrunn“
2007/2008 30 part doku-soap „PANDA-TV“
2008/2010 “Mount St. Helens – Life from Zero“
2009 “So Long Fu Long”
2010/2011 „Arlberg – The Hidden Paradise“
2010/2011 „Race to the South Pole – Austria vs. Germany“
2011 in prep.: „The Sherpas‘ Quest“


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  1. Klaus Samay schreibt:

    Servus Heinz,
    weiter so, ich lese jeden Tag im blog… und hoffe, dass ihr bald wieder ganz normal euer Ei legen könnt, hehe.
    Grüße an euch Gipfelstürmer….

    Klaus aus Francoforte

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